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Weekly Yoga Classes

At Neighborhood Yoga in Boone NC. 

Thursday @  7:15pm

Saturday @ 9am

Both classes are moderately-paced vinyasa with a big dose of inspiration.


Christina Adams

Caroline was my mentor teacher for Neighborhood Yoga’s Teacher Training program. She went far beyond her duties to mentor me, and continues to be a big inspiration in my life.Caroline’s yoga instruction is motivating and caring on such a personal level. She makes sure that all students are comfortable and provides a deeply individualized practice. She intertwines beautiful and pertinent themes into her yoga instruction, allowing poses to become metaphors for inner realization.Caroline motivates through her charismatic instruction and peaceful determination. I always leave her classes feeling strengthened and nourished on every level.

Megan Johnson

Caroline has been my yoga teacher for about five years now- through her, I've learned to see practicing yoga as something simple we can do to improve our lives, and be more fully present in our own existence.Caroline technically gives good cues and certainly knows the postures- but yoga isn't just a physical practice.Through her words and actions Caroline has inspired me to challenge myself and just as importantly, to learn to take rest. She really is a inspiration to me.