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Over the past 10 years I attempted yoga classes on several occasions, but didn’t stick to it. Between running, hiking, and cycling my time for a regular yoga practice seemed limited. One of Caroline’s original yoga classes was geared specifically towards athletes, promising to help with our tight shoulders, hamstrings, and other trouble areas. In the beginning, I merely tried to survive using as many props and modifications as possible, eventually discovering that my time on the mat helped release more than the grip on my tight body parts. With Caroline’s encouraging guidance and constant challenges, she has helped me push past my struggles with inflexibility. Two years later, I have made her yoga classes a priority on my weekly schedule. The benefits go way beyond the physical improvements. When I leave her class I feel mentally refreshed and inspired to slow down, live in the moment, and be grateful for so much in my life. Caroline’s positive “you can change the world” personality is contagious! It’s wonderful watching others catch on! ~Sarah Brown, Boone NC


I enjoy Caroline’s yoga classes.  Caroline is not only knowledgeable, but she is also empathic, ready to adjust poses to fit each individual’s needs and capacities. Caroline is also challenging. When I emerge from one of her class, I know that I have tested my body-mind in multiple says, and I am richer for the experience. ~Joe Gonzalez, Boone NC