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Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed, anxious and exhausted?

Do you want to know My #1 Secret is for staying grounded, happy, and strong?

It's a simple four letter word...YOGA.

Nothing calms me down, focuses my mind, and relieves stress like time on my yoga mat. In so many ways, I am a different (read: BETTER) person because of yoga.

The FASTEST way to jumpstart your yoga practice or deepen your current practice is with a private yoga class.

If you are ready to feel less anxious, sleep better, have more energy, and love your life's time to try yoga!

Join me for my weekly classes, schedule a private yoga session or join me for a workshop. Click below for more details...

Christie Scott Hutchens

Caroline ignited a passion for yoga within me when I went to one of her first workshop offerings. Her weekly classes and special workshops have become a top priority in my life. I feel stronger, more open, and empowered after her classes- physically, mentally, and spiritually. Caroline guides her classes with authenticity, grace and a loving heart, warmly welcoming everyone and creating a supportive and energized environment. Whether you are new to yoga, an experienced practitioner, feeling great, or feeling down, Caroline has a way of reaching you within the class and encouraging you to give your body and mind whatever it needs in the moment. I am so grateful to have Caroline as a teacher, friend, and role model. She is truly a beautiful soul who will bring light into your life.