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Success Stories

Heidi C.

Vitality Physical Therapy

Caroline has truly taken nutrition and wellness to another level for me.  I have always thought of myself as healthy. I am a 37 year-old woman, a wife, a mom of two amazing girls, a physical therapist and a Pilates enthusiast.  Unfortunately, balancing home, work and fitness left me with little time to eat well and almost no energy.  I didn’t want to become dependent on caffeine or sugar.  Plus, I didn’t enjoy making or eating the foods that I was consuming.   This combination of circumstances meant that I was losing too much weight.  I know that this is not a problem for some, but I was seriously becoming emaciated.

That is when I asked Caroline to help me.  She taught me how to quickly prepare and make meals and snacks that I could eat “on the run”.  This worked especially well for breakfast, snacks and lunches since I was almost always standing or moving during that time of day.  By our second session, I noticed more energy to take on the day no matter how hectic it was.  As a bonus, I found that I love eating a more plant-based and whole grain diet.  I also even love being in the kitchen now!

I feel healthy and revitalized again.  I am not afraid to try to make new foods and I found that I love kale so much that it is usually incorporated into my breakfast, lunch and dinner!  I am forever grateful to Caroline at Elevate Your Wellness for helping me meet my goals and discovering new and delicious foods to keep me healthy.  Caroline is so knowledgeable and I just want to learn all that she can teach me.

Fara L.

Photographer & Owner at F.A.L Design

Caroline helped me take my health and wellness to the next level.  After getting into a regular exercise routine and eating what I thought was relatively healthy my weight loss was staling out.  I didn’t want to lose my motivation for working out so I turned to Caroline to address my eating habits in hopes of finding the right direction to make the most out of all my hard work.

Caroline’s knowledge of healthy nutrition is bountiful and is always presented in such an inspiring way. Her pace of introducing new foods and concepts is perfect for experimenting and gave me just the right amount of time to get a feel for new things.  She has amazing recipes that allow even the most novice chef to demystify cooking whole, healthy foods.  She is very willing to work at whatever level of commitment you are ready for, but the thing is, I was so impressed with the results I found myself more committed than I had ever dreamed.

Patti W.

Patti Carmen Pottery

I took Caroline’s WHOLE workshop in early February and saw immediate improvements in my life. I have greater energy and feel more confident and excited in my kitchen. Caroline showed me how to explore so many different avenues with my meals and snacks. Caroline helped me realize that I am not losing foods, but actually gaining a whole new spectrum of options. I don't miss and don't crave "junk" food now because I recognize how whole foods and healthy eating make me feel and I love it!  I have also realized that I no longer feel sluggish after a large meal...healthy, clean food doesn't make you feel that way!

I have struggled with allergies and congestion my entire life. Now that I am eating more whole foods, and have eliminated gluten, I am breathing so much easier and my energy levels are higher. I have more stamina and enthusiasm for my work as a potter and for my family. I started making my health and self care a higher priority. Caroline is exceptional at making healthy eating simple and fun.

Andi S.

After completing the 14 day Get Energized program with Caroline, I feel better than I have in a long time. I initially signed up for the program because I had been feeling so exhausted. I had lost motivation to even try to do the things I enjoy. After following the tips and tricks that Caroline went over in the group phone calls, I have lost a few pounds (without trying) and find that I am feeling happier and more motivated. I am doing daily yoga again and spending time in the kitchen cooking her incredible recipes. I am also noticing a switch in my mentality, I am putting self-care near the top of my list and am making it a priority to really think about what I am putting in my body and how that affects how I feel. 

My favorite part of the program were the weekly group calls. Caroline is so passionate about nutrition and health that it is impossible not to feel inspired. You really feel like someone is cheering you on. I also loved getting Caroline's cookbook. The recipes are amazing and I have added most of them to my list of favorites.

Jenn R.

Super Mom

When Caroline offered to help increase my energy, I jumped at the opportunity! I was in a slump having just moved to a new city, I could barely keep up with my four kids, much less figure out the grocery stores to fix healthy meals! Not to mention I am notorious for not eating my veggies and I was starting to see my kids following in my footsteps, so Caroline’s coaching was just what I needed!  Caroline's holistic approach looked at the big picture. She asked the tough questions, made me think about why my eating habits were so terrible, made me visualize my hopes for myself and my family. We discussed better eating and how to add exercise to my routine, but we also tackled other road blocks to healthier living like relationships, sleeping problems and attitude. Her calls were supportive and encouraging, honest yet guilt-free.

Caroline has helped us cut out so much of the processed food and replace it with yummy alternatives so we don't feel like we're missing out on anything.  Our grocery list has completely changed and we’re all finding new ways to enjoy fruits and veggies.  Smoothies and oatmeal are regular requests in our kitchen, replacing Captain Crunch and pop-tarts! We cook more at home and include the kids in the kitchen. We’re taking the changes to our diet slowly, introducing new things every couple of days and really noticing the difference  in how we feel. We have more energy, feel better overall, don’t get sick as often and when we do, not for as long as we used to. We’re more adventurous in our eating and life in general.

Caroline’s attitude of gratefulness was contagious and my entire family has benefitted by taking time to be grateful for the amazing life we have. We have been truly blessed with the people and opportunities in our life and it feels so much better to focus on the positive instead of the negative! Caroline encouraged me to put things out into the universe and see what it brought back, to focus on what the best possible outcome could be rather than waiting for the worst to happen. The attitude adjustment has improved the general vibe in our house, made for a much more relaxed atmosphere, affecting everyone in such a great way!

Sarah B.

Owner at Boone Bike

Over the past 10 years I attempted yoga classes on several occasions, but didn’t stick to it.  Between running, hiking, and cycling my time for a regular yoga practice seemed limited.  One of Caroline’s original yoga classes was geared specifically towards athletes, promising to help with our tight shoulders, hamstrings, and other trouble areas.  In the beginning, I merely tried to survive using as many props and modifications as possible, eventually discovering that my time on the mat helped release more than the grip on my tight body parts.

With Caroline’s encouraging guidance and constant challenges, she has helped me push past my struggles with inflexibility.  Two years later, I have made her yoga classes a priority on my weekly schedule.    The benefits go way beyond the physical improvements.  When I leave her class I feel mentally refreshed and inspired to slow down, live in the moment, and be grateful for so much in my life.  Caroline’s positive “you can change the world” personality is contagious!  It’s wonderful watching others catch on!

Rebecca S.

During our 3 month remote sessions, you helped me realize that the things I’ve been through ie. breast cancer have only helped me get where I am today.  Cancer at 35 was no gift by any means but it has helped me realize what I want out of life. The challenges of being a young cancer survivor have given me a new perspective on life and you were there to help me figure it out exactly what I can do with that new perspective.  You helped me redefine my goals for health and wellness and get back on track which I’m so grateful for your tips and expertise.

Caroline, you helped me put things out to the universe that I wouldn't have dreamed would come true and the universe is responding.  I feel like the discussions about my future are well on the way to becoming more of a reality and not just dreams.You have a great gift of helping others realize their potential and guide them on the right path of wellness.  Thank you!

Parker S.

Since working with Caroline, I have radically changed my eating habits and outlook on food. I have a new perspective on cooking as an important self-care tool, so I’ve been spending more time in the kitchen than I ever did before. I'm making more space for myself, and it’s amazing what doors have opened up because of that! 

I've  lost about 10 pounds but more importantly, I am eating foods that nourish me and make me feel good. I’m taking more time for myself, which has made a huge difference in my stress levels. I’m cooking more and eating much less processed foods and refined sugars.

Caroline’s enthusiasm and support was also a crucial part of the program; at no point did I think I couldn’t do it.

Kate C.

My work with Caroline focused specifically on developing healthy nutrition/eating habits for the support of my GI system. I’ve been dealing with candida overgrowth and the resulting impact of a toxic colon and weakened immune system for years, and have been trying to address by establishing a healthier/more alkaline diet. Throughout that time, friends who know Caroline and her commitment to health and wellness suggested I get in touch with her for help. When I finally did I was pleased to learn that we share a mutual belief that food – and what we put in our mouths – determines the basis of good health. Through sessions focusing on discussions around my past history with food, current lifestyle, state of mind and diet – particularly some of my negative habits surrounding food, and an awesome cooking class, we worked to encourage and establish a diet rich in probiotics (daily supplements), vegetables (lots of GREENS!!), healthy snacks, a stock of wonderful recipes for menus, a better understanding of “why” I eat the way I do, and how to understand and reshape some of my ancient negative patterning around food and behavior. Wow! It’s been a great ride, and I now have some wonderful tools to continue the journey – on a much healthier and more balanced path!

Through it all, Caroline’s compassionate, fun and upbeat nature sustained me through what has been a major transformation of a very intimate life relationship – that between me and the food I eat. Her knowledge of nutrition and its connections with biology are impressive, and I felt totally trusting of her recommendations/suggestions. Thanks Caroline for your many insights and committed effort to help me through this life change! It’s been a treat! 

Kathie B.

RN and Yoga Teacher

I used to struggle with sugar drops on longer runs and bike rides, with symptoms like vision changes and cold sweats.  Through Caroline's Nourished Athlete program and Delicious Detox, I learned how to manage my nutrition better and feel great during long workouts now!

Caroline turned me on to the  green smoothie for breakfast and now I crave it instead of sugar... woohoo!  I really embrace eating  whole foods now, especially my greens and I see a huge difference in my body and mind. 

After making so many big changes to my nutrition, my cholesterol ( all levels) improved. And on a daily basis, I have a lot less joint pain even after a long work out-- this is huge for me! 

I really appreciate Caroline's guidance because I have struggled with disordered eating and body image in the past and I like the fact that it is not about losing weight.  It's about eating whole foods, being healthy and embracing the food as we nourish our body and mind.

April G.

I've had the opportunity to work with Caroline on two different detoxes as well as a yoga class. I like her organization with the detoxes: meal plans, audio recordings, recipes and guidelines. However, there is still enough opportunity for flexibility during the program so that it is not overwhelming. The support during this both of these ventures as been great. The FaceBook page allows the participants to interact and learn from each other. What has helped me the most is the self exploratory opportunities that Caroline encourages. During the first detox last spring, I discovered I had an issue with nuts. This last fall detox, I discovered that dairy does effect my sinuses. I would never had believed that if I did not go through this experience. All of our bodies are different and seeing how food affects our overall health is really empowering and I look forward to working with Caroline in the future.

Lynn W.

Last year, I was sitting in my doctor’s office and I asked him about a concern I was having regarding blood-sugar drops and “bonking” on mountain bike rides and long rock climbs. I asked him if I needed to eat meat again after 24 years of being a vegetarian. But, what he said, I believe has changed my life and nutrition for the better. My doctor suggested that I set up a consultation with Caroline Stahlschmidt who works with athletes and their nutrition. I think it’s the best referral I’ve ever had from a doctor.

Working with Caroline, I learned things that I will be able to implement for the rest of my life. Caroline really focuses on nutrition and cutting out the not-so-good things and introducing good foods in replacement. It’s amazing how your body can adjust and respond to better nutrition. Pretty quick, I started having more energy, lost some weight, and had more strength while climbing and biking and not crashing during activities.

Caroline’s knowledge, demeanor, and attention to your personal needs is really impressive. I think she’s got to be one of the best people to work with regarding nutrition and health benefits and I find her to be ideal for any athlete who’s looking for better performance, more energy, and quicker recovery. She put me on course to prepare me for the biggest climb of my life that I’m about to embark on – one that has been a goal of mine for over 20 years. I’m confident, she can steer you towards reaching any goals that you have as WELL!